Canine Reproduction Facility

At Furkids, we pride our facility with the broad abilty to manage all levels of reproduction, from DNA testing, semen collection, progesterone testing, assisted matings, AI, ultrasound to delivery and puppy management.

We also strongly support ethical and recommended breeding programs. We believe that the standard of breeding must remain high, and it's our duty and responsibilty, as a veterinary professional to offer suggestions to promote quality genetics to our breeders in regards to lines and traits that may affect the dog's life.
Common and potential problems may include (but not exclusive to;) brachycephelic breeds, hip & elbow dysplasia, congential and non-congenital spinal conditions and general temperament. We do deal with plenty of breeds that fall into these categories, and our responsibilties lie from an ethical point of view, and for the well being and overall health of the dog.

If you've been in the industry for years or just starting out, give our staff a call as we are always willing to assist and love to help with problem cases.